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Tropical High EER R410a 60Hz ON/OFF

Cooling Capacity: 18k-60k Btu/h

Tropical High EER 


  • character
  • indoor unit
  • outdoor unit

Mid ESP Duct                                                                                                     

Self-adaption technology   

Automatic ESP Adjustment function will adapt the unit to any ducting with optimized air volume and minimized noise level automatically, making more comfortable in any situation. 

Wifi Control    

The optional WiFi modular makes it possible to monitor and control your AC while on the road through APP on your mobile phone or pad.


Fresh Air Intake    

Fresh air makes a healthy, comfortable life. 

Fresh Air Intake   

The built-in pump can lift condensing water up to 1200mm high from the drainage pan. 

Flexible Air Intake Options 

Air intake from rear as standard, from bottom is optional. The size of the plate from bottom is the same as the flange from back, which makes it convenient to change installation style due to different decoration requirements. 

Outdoor Unit                                                                                                

Environment Friendly-R410A   

Up To 55°C Running    

Enjoy excellent performance even under ambient temperature up to 55°C , suitable for T3 operating condition. 

Multiple Protection    

With Multiple Protection contents: High pressure protection,Low pressure protection,Compressor overloadding protection, High Ext. temperature protection,Phaseprotection (Phase-loss, phase- reverse),Over-heating
protection, Anti-freezing protection, Sensor failure alarm,- Failure code display,etc.The compressor could well run in reasonable operation range.

Double Anti-Corrosion Technology 

Galvanized metal with world-class powder spraying technology can improve the anti-corrosion ability of the housing of outdoor units three times, especially, in salty, moist surroundings.