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R410a 50/60Hz TOP Discharge inverter Cooling-Only
Cooling Capacity: 18k-60k Btu/h
TOP Discharge inverter Cooling-Only
  • character
  • indoor unit
  • outdoor unit



Flocking design, good thermal insulation effect,avoid large temperature difference, anti-condensation 

Bigger Air Flow Volume  

Innovative centrifugal fan with larger diameter, supply bigger air flow volume and lower noise. 

Fresh air  

Fresh air intake design to improve air quality. 

The independent electric box lid 

Flocking deEasy to connect power line and controller line don‘t need to disassemble the electric box lid when installation 

Easy drainage 

Left and right water outlet design of water connection plate, flexible for installation site. 

Outdoor Unit                                                                                                   

Environment Friendly  

Using R410A as the refrigerant, protect our earth.

Universal 24V control  

The communication wire between indoor and outdoor units is 24V, which can match indoor and outdoor units of other suppliers.

Top Discharge

Hot air is discharged from the top, it will away from the outdoor unit. This allows compact location on multi-unit applications.

Startup delay function  

Startup delay function, making the starting current lower.

Diversified protection  

High pressure protection, Low pressure protection, High exhaust temperate protection, Phase protection, etc.


The AC can automatically memorize the operation setting when power is cut off accidently. It can return to previous setting when power recovered.

Galvanized steel sheet

The galvanized metal panel is painted with powder. This technology gives the panel lots of advantages, such as: beautiful appearance,double anti-corrosion and anti-aging etc. So the unit will not suffer any cosmetic damage in extreme weather conditions.

Easy installation and repair

The installation is quick because of its easy access service valve for pipe connections.The repair is convenient because of the detachable grille. By unscrewing the top grille, repair can be made within a few minutes.